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Seacology UK Needs You!

Supporters like you are critical to Seacology's people-to-people approach to island ecosystem protection. 

Individual donors reaching out to support island communities around the world can make an enormous difference.

If you are not already a supporter of Seacology UK (UK Registered Charity #1132076), please consider becoming one. 

Our Just Giving on-line donation platform is easy to use and completely private.

So, donate on-line now. Thank you for your support!

Fundraising for Seacology

Another terrific way to support Seacology UK's work is to design your own fundraising page in support of one of our island projects.

  1. Create your own fundraising profile page through Seacology UK's JustGiving site.  It's easy. Go to the Seacology UK's JustGiving site, then click on Make Your Page. Once there, you just need to set up a goal, choose a Seacology photo or upload your own, and tell people why you are raising money for Seacology.
  2. E-mail your friends and family about your Seacology page, so they can donate online and leave you messages of support.
  3. JustGiving sends donations straight to Seacology UK and adds Gift Aid to every eligible donation.

Thank you for making a difference to the protection of island environments and cultures. 

Every little bit helps.