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How We Work



Seacology's global network

Seacology is an international nonprofit environmental organization with the sole purpose of preserving the highly endangered biodiversity of islands throughout the world.  

Seacology has field representatives based around the world who scout out our projects. This group of people is supplemented by a scientific advisory board comprised of island biodiversity specialists.  Seacology's main office, based in Berkeley, California, is governed by a board of directors composed of corporate leaders and island experts.

Seacology UK, while fully autonomous in accordance with UK law, works in solidarity with this global Seacology network to support "win-win" island environmental projects around the world.


All Seacology projects involve an agreement initiated by an island community to protect and manage some aspect of the island's natural environment, such as a coral reef, rainforest, or mangrove forest. In exchange, Seacology funds a public need, such as a school, medical clinic, sanitation system, or freshwater delivery system.  

Key to our success is the direct participation of the local island community. Projects are not approved unless the benefit to the community is tangible, appropriate, equitable and feasible. Seacology does not fund salaries, policy advocacy or scientific research, nor does it fund diesel generators or motorboats. In solidarity with islanders, we work to sustain island habitats, creating a lasting impact that promotes education, health, and livelihoods while protecting the environment.

Seacology UK

Seacology UK aims to keep its operational costs as low as possible by maintaining a virtual office, staffed by volunteers.  Because all operational costs will be fully funded by Seacology UK's local board members, 100% of monies donated to Seacology UK will go directly to support island community projects.